Simply Jetpacks 2 is the direct successor to Simply Jetpacks by Tonius. It is now maintained by Tomson124, member of the Cyberdyne Coders Coalition, a small Github organization.

The new version of Simply Jetpacks does not support ThermalExpansion and Buildcraft anymore as they are not updated yet to 1.9.4 and beyond, but support for it will probably be added again as soon as these mods got updated. As a result of this change the only supported mod at the moment is EnderIO but there are more mods to be added to the list in the future.

Besides these changes, all other core features stayed the same:
The jetpacks are still tier based and higher tiers still provide extra functionality like the emergency-hover mode which protects the player of falling to death, or the charger module that charges all other armor pieces or tools the player carries in his or her inventory. There are two versions of each jetpack a „non-armored“ and an „armored“ one. The armored one does provide much more protection with the disadvantage of extra energy cost when being hit by hostile players or mobs.

A more detailed description of each item and their usages can be found on the official Simply Jetpacks 2 wiki, proudly hosted through IndieWikis! It’s still a work in progress, so please, please contribute if you can!


Download it now on Curse.

Or the latestet development builds from jenkins.


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