Hi, my name is Thomas (a.k.a. Tomson124) thanks for checking out my site!
I am a independent minecraft mod developer and graphic artist for logos, banners and stuff like this.

I am developing in java for a few months now and I learned it completly by myself. I am by no means a master at it but I know enough to code minecraft mods. My second „hobby“ are graphical designs and many other Photoshop related projects. I got the knowledge for doing those things also completly by myself from tutorials and „try and error“ learning processes. Feel free to check out my work on Github (Mods) or on my Facebook page (Design stuff).

At the moment this is my more or less big web presentation and my primary way to distribute my mods. If you have any questions or even want me to do a logo, etc. for you, then feel free to contact me! All informations for contacting me are located on the Contacts page.