Great new everyone!
Today I opened a new project on Curse and uploaded the first mod file of SimplyJetpacks 2 to it. It is still an experimental project/alpha build as I made this build while the mod is still under heavy development. But the main features are ready and working (at least in dev environment). Things like Fluxpacks or Jetplates are still missing but are soon to follow. I had to remove the Thermal Expansion and Buildcraft support (for now) as they are not on 1.9.4 yet (or maybe will never be).
I will finish setting up the Jenkins server in the new few days, so you can get development builds more frequently as I will not upload everyone one of them on Curse.

Download it now on Curse!

I know it is a really stupid topic and I hate begging, but you guys would help me a lot with a small donation or maybe even getting my patreon 🙂 The links for it are at the top of the website or here on the right.

Thank you for your attention and have fun playing 🙂